Tattoo Glass Under The Sea Recycler

$200.00 $185.00


Tattoo Glass Under The Sea Recycler

$200.00 $185.00

Tattoo Glass Gold Label

11″ Inches Tall

14 mm Female Joint

Incorporates Dry Herb Bowl Piece

Apiary Perc

GlassFish Pendant



Under The Sea Recycler

This Tattoo Glass Under Water Themed recycler rig is genuinely a show-stopper. Made utilizing the most excellent glass in an assortment of brilliant and dynamic hues. This recycler highlights an apiary perc that contains over twelve little openings for the perfect measure of dissemination while additionally keeping up the kind of your smoke or fume. After your smoke is separated, the water and smoke are constrained through the recycler arms for expansion smoke cooling. This persistent recycler movement takes into account the most ideal flavor and cooling of both smoke and fume.

Under The Sea Recycler

Outwardly of this piece is a perfectly point by point glass fish pendant that unites this entire piece. On the facade of the piece is an implosion marble for an additional degree of structure that makes this piece really stand apart from the group. This piece looks extraordinary as well as it works faultlessly because of its mind blowing structure and craftsmanship.


Implosion Marble

Double Arm Funnel Recycler

Bowed Neck

Energetic Colors

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