Tattoo Multi Perc Sideways Funnel Recycler

$130.00 $115.00


Tattoo Multi Perc Sideways Funnel Recycler

$130.00 $115.00


9 inches tall

14mm female joint

Incorporates 4mm thick quartz banger nail

Numerous shading alternatives

A few percolators for incredible filtration

Vertical honeycomb perc

Stereo network perc

Recycler configuration includes considerably more dissemination

Premium quality strong glass

Smooth logical apparatus

Ideal for solo or gathering smoking sessions

Can likewise be utilized to smoke dry herbs

Feels incredible in your grasp

Bowed neck forestalls splashback

Sturdy borosilicate glass

Expanded Filtration For Extra-Cool Dabs



Tattoo Sideways Funnel Recycler

The Tattoo Glass Multi Perc Sideways Funnel Recycler hoists your touching experience to the following level with cutting edge filtration! This logical touch rig is the ideal decision for dabbers who acknowledge completely sifted concentrate fume.

This logical touch rig includes a propelled structure that takes into account most extreme dissemination, bringing about incredible tasting, smooth fume each spot session. Subsequent to warming your concentrates, the fume moves into the water chamber. The stereo network percolator starts the filtration procedure as the fume goes through the different cuts. At that point, it moves into the water chamber, which additionally chills off the fume. The fume additionally goes through the honeycomb percolator, which includes another round of dispersion. On account of the recycler plan, this procedure is rehashed on numerous occasions before you eventually breathe in for choice touches!

Tattoo Sideways Funnel Recycler

On account of the durable base and borosilicate glass, this tough piece will keep going for the long stretch. It’s likewise the perfect touch rig for going around the circle. Make certain to bring along touching frill for an improved spotting experience!

This recycler apparatus can likewise be utilized to smoke dry herbs! Basically evacuate the spot nail and supplant it with a 4mm dry herb bowl, and appreciate!

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