Tattoo Hollow Base FTK Recycler

$150.00 $125.00


Tattoo Hollow Base FTK Recycler

$150.00 $125.00


10″ Inches Tall

14mm Female Joint

Incorporates Dry Herb Bowl

Recycler Function

Showerhead Perc

Inward Fab Egg Design

Empty Base Allows More Water

Twisted Neck Mouthpiece

Double Arm Recycler



Tattoo Hollow Base FTK Recycler

Recyclers have mind boggling capacity that takes into consideration greatest flavor and smoke cooling in minimal structures. This Hollow base FTK Recycler highlights an interesting empty base that permits you to include more water for far and away superior smoke cooling and reuse work. The two recycler arms feed into the empty base to persistently reuse the water inside the piece to guarantee the best flavor and fume from your concentrates. The one of a kind plan combined with the twisted neck will keep any water from ever arriving at your mouth regardless of how difficult to breathe in.

Tattoo Hollow Base FTK Recycler

This recycler has a 14mm female joint and incorporates a Dry herb bowl for nothing! This touch rig is accessible in a few distinct hues that make certain to hang out in any glass assortment. Despite the fact that this piece is basically proposed to be utilized with concentrates it additionally works truly well for dry herbs. The fab egg configuration matched with the showerhead perc cooperate to expand the surface region of your smoke to chill it off as fast as conceivable before arriving at your mouth. In the event that you are searching for a touch rig with immaculate capacity and incredible structure this is the one for you.

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