Tang Vase Glass Water Pipe

$170.00 $150.00


Tang Vase Glass Water Pipe

$170.00 $150.00



Tang Vase Glass Water pipe

Tang Vase Glass Water

The “Tang” Water Pipe was planned in China to intently take after a rich jar regarding the Tang Dynasty. This specific 11″ pipe includes your decision of a white or dark glass body, a basic diffused downstem with a 14.5mm cleaned joint and coordinating bowl, and an elaborate history of enlivened decals all through body. A reverence to the custom of Chinese porcelain, this water pipe increases the expectation for buying rich china.

This 11″ China Vase Glass Water Pipe highlights strong boro glass with luxurious oriental impacts, decal workmanship and a 14mm Female joint. Coordinating glass round herb slide included. The Tang Dynasty Bong by China Glass comes in dark with gold accents.

This China Glass line is restrictive to Smoke Cartel. These funnels offer flawless thick glass, produced by a group of exceptionally prepared ace craftsmen from the Hebei area of Northern China. China’s rich history and culture is reflected in each made piece.

Students of history for the most part see the Tang as a high point in Chinese progress, and a brilliant time of cosmopolitan culture.


14.5mm Female Joint
11 inches Height

Perfect with Dry Herbs 🌿

The China Glass “Tang” Dynasty Water Pipe

Marked and Colored Borosilicate Glass

Fixed Diffuser Downstem

14mm Female Joint

11″ inches Tall

90° Polished Joint

Container Style Beaker Base Bong

Coordinating Male Bowl Piece Included

Handblown in the Hebei Province, China

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