Skynet Carbon C4

$140.00 $100.00


Skynet Carbon C4

$140.00 $100.00

Extent of conveyance:


section of smoke


4 hose connectors with cut

Plunge tube with diffuser

Dirt head with smokestack connection

Silicone hose pack

coal tongs

Specialized subtleties:

about 74cm

Aluminum with carbon (dark)





Skynet Carbon C4 Black Carbon/Glow

The exceptional element of this hookah is the utilization of carbon parts on the smoke section. Bowl and smoke segment are associated with a tick lock.

The base of the Skynet Carbon can be extended to up to four hoses. The head connector is associated with the smoke section by methods for 18/8 pounding and subsequently doesn’t require a seal.

Skynet Carbon C4

Another extraordinary element of the shisha is that in the event that it has been stacked with light heretofore, it can gleam in obscurity.

Since it arrived in a total set, a silicone hose with a carbon mouthpiece and a tobacco head set are incorporated.

The tallness of the hookah is approx. 55 cm without head and approx. 73 cm with head.


Hose associations 4


The Skynet Carbonia C4 is an extraordinary shisha since it joins many intriguing focuses.

In addition to other things, it has a moderately low generally speaking load because of the aluminum smoke segment.

Nonetheless, what makes the shisha extraordinary is the utilization of carbon on the smoke section, which gives it its look.

The smoke segment is associated with the bowl with a tick lock.

It is outfitted with 4 ground joints and the head connector is associated with the smoke section by methods for 18.8 ground joints.

In the base we likewise locate a shut chamber framework and the plunge tube is furnished with diffuser gaps.

Another strength is the glass, which can gleam in obscurity in the event that it was recently accused of light.

To make the total set impeccable there are additionally a silicone hose set with a carbonia handle and a tobacco head set in a bundle

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