Shika Legend Hookah

$100.00 $80.00


Shika Legend Hookah

$100.00 $80.00

Free With This Hookah:

– One 50g box of premium shisha

– One box of common or quicklight hookah charcoals

– Cleaning brush

– Foil Pack



Shika Legend Hookah in 2015, there was constantly one model that sold out rapidly and required a few restocks. It was the Shika Electroplated Legend hookah we’re despite everything restocking it right up ’til the present time after a few changes and redesigns. These hookahs are carefully assembled in Egypt with metal and use a wide check copper downstem to make kind sized mists.

Our most recent Shika models showed up this late spring (emptying that shipment in Texas heat uhhff) and with it we got 3 metallic shades of the Legend: Red, Blue, and Black. We’re going to need to restock soon and it’s nothing unexpected to us yet this mainstream Shika streak is legen hang tight for it….DAIRY.

The electroplated Dual Legend hookah includes a two tone mix of matte and gleam completes with a coordinating base and hose blend. This is a solitary level Shika hookah that stands 28″ tall, and highlights a reverse circle as the focal point of the pole.

Shika Legend Hookah

Shika is referred to for their utilization of metal as the principle segment for their hookahs, and furthermore outfitting the models with wide measure downstems. The Shika Dual Legend includes an exceptionally roomy tempered steel downstem that won’t be influenced by rust or consumption. This open measure downstem gives a smoke session that contains less limitation than the normal customary hookah arrangement. The ringer shape end top to the downstem will require some customization so as to utilize a diffuser, however we will in general like a thunder with our hookah sessions.


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