Regal Queen Redwood

$250.00 $220.00


Regal Queen Redwood

$250.00 $220.00

Included free with this hookah:

– 50g of shisha

– Hookah coals

– Foil pack

– Tongs

– Cleaning Brush

– Grommet Pack



Regal Queen Redwood! This shiny 25″ common wood shaft is carefully assembled in California, and gets a nitty gritty quality affirmation check before its discharge to people in general.

The normal Redwood material originates from recovered trees as the Regal group utilizes an eco-accommodating assembling procedure to manufacture every hookah. Each Regal shaft gets excellent seal to save the wood, and shields your come from brutal climate and stains. We don’t suggest utilizing any brutal/grating cleaning material on this heavenly outside, simply spot perfect varying with a sodden fabric.

NOTE:The utilization of characteristic wood will bring about different wood grain examples and hues situation

The Regal stems include a matte dark anodized aluminum for the focal center point and bowl port. These metal segment are created to flawlessness with the utilization of CNC machine, and won’t experience the ill effects of the impacts of rust or consumption.

Regal Queen Redwood

The rook configuration cleanse valve gives a quick and easy freeing from the smoke inside your base, with a magnificent visual. Other than the astounding woodwork and top notch metal, the Regal hookahs are adored by the many dependent on their inconceivable smoke execution. Lofty hookahs are outfitted with a wide check hardened steel, that makes an overly smooth breathe in joined by a conventional thunder.

A Regal smoke session will give negligible limitation relying upon your pressing technique and water level inside your base.


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