Purr Glass Swiss Honeycomb

$220.00 $185.00


Purr Glass Swiss Honeycomb

$220.00 $185.00


Thick Wall Schott Glass

Fortified Stemless Design

Approx Width 6″

Approx Height 9″

14mm Female Joint

MiniNail™ Pattern Base Design

Dichro Honeycomb Drum Perc



Purr Glass Swiss Honeycomb bong is maybe the most excellent bong on this rundown. You can arrange this magnificence in Dichro, Slyme and Pink Slyme hues.

This bong includes a carefully assembled honeycomb drum percolator which makes the smoke cooler and smoother. This percolator works by diffusing the smoke through 19 distinct focuses in the honeycomb plate.

You can additionally chill off the smoke with its few ice pinchers. They likewise fill in as water plugs so it doesn’t find a workable pace. Its twisted neck makes getting to the bong much simpler.

The Purr Glass Swiss Honeycomb is 9 inches tall, with a 4-inch base. It has a 14mm female joint that fits a wide range of male embellishments, notwithstanding, a 90° structure is suggested if appropriate.

You can arrange it on Purr’s own one of a kind site, and it accompanies a coordinating bloom bowl or a reasonable quartz banger.

Glass teamed up to make an Enail propelled Swiss Honeycomb Tube. Incorporates a huge solid base for use with enails and a carefully assembled honeycomb drum perc with 19 purposes of dissemination that gives predominant capacity. An incredible expansion to any assortment. Made in California!


Made in California, USA

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