Original Tank Beaker

$170.00 $155.00


Original Tank Beaker

$170.00 $155.00

✔︎ 12 Inches Tall

✔︎ American Blown 9mm Glass

✔︎ Reinforced Base

✔︎ Uber Thick Tank Joint

✔︎ 14mm Tank Bowl

✔︎ Glass Downstem

✔︎ NEW* Ring Ice Catcher

✔︎ FREE* Extra Glass Dow



Original Tank Beaker

On the off chance that you are searching for a piece to last you longer than some other, look no further. The Original Tank Beaker is a genuine marvel of American glass-blowing.

The Original Tank  flaunts 9mm thick dividers and a strengthened base. It is 12 inches tall, and has a 19mm female bowl. Clients report it to be thick in quite a few spots, which is the place it gets its name the Tank Beaker.

There’s very little to state about different highlights—this piece was intended to fill everybody’s desires with regards to strength and work, and that is about it.

In any case, despite the fact that it’s presumably the hardest bong out there, don’t toss it around pointlessly. Try not to jab the bong bear.

Original Tank Beaker

To the extent its cost goes, The Original  Beaker can be purchased  at a rebate, or routinely.

The piece that needs no clarification. You’ve seen the recordings, and they represent themselves. Created for toughness and capacity, this is the measuring glass that stays in your weapons store for quite a long time. Accompanies two glass downstems and a bowl. Lifetime Tank Warranty included with buy. Some portion of the Tank Glass Family of Products.


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