Oduman N3 Hookah

$180.00 $165.00


Oduman N3 Hookah

$180.00 $165.00

Item Dimensions:

Lower Largest Diameter = 17,5 cm

Complete Length = 28cm

You can utilize a Pharoh’s hose connector to your preferred hookah to utilize any hose



Oduman N3 Hookah made m in Turkey with overly thick glass and excellent impeccable comes one of the sturdiest glass hookahs in our assortment. The keen plan of the Oduman N3 model gives it interesting highlights like a strung launderable hose, removable diffuser, and a metal bowl port for more tightly bowl fittings.

In case you’re truly feeling imaginative, evacuate the coal plate and bowl port to fill the glass base with new products of the soil leaves. The N3 will land with a recessed segment on the underside to permit a LED puck light to fit cozily.

Oduman N3 Hookah

Oduman glass hookahs are made in Turkey and have a creative and present day structure. All models have the coordinated base and stem, notwithstanding the silicone hose, cigarette holder and downstem with diffuser. Delivered with excellent glass and metals in treated steel, they ensure the best money saving advantage for the offered exhibition. Attempt an ODUMAN, and you will be intrigued by the delicacy and stream of this phenomenal hookah

1. Class quality, crystal glass .(soft drink glass), carefully assembled glass

Every one of the pieces of hookah are made of tempered steel.

It has a diffuser.

hoses are made of safe nourishment grade silicone simple to clean. The length of the hose is 1,5 m.

It has a valve. You can take out the smoke effectively.

Can be utilized with two hoses.

It has a force driven framework, which is fueled with 2 AAA batteries, under the napkin.

It has 9 distinctive lighting activities.

The battery life is around 24 hours for consistent activity.


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