Numea Hookah

$40.00 $30.00


Numea Hookah

$40.00 $30.00

Remember to plug your hose when the other one is smoking!

– Aladin brand hookah

– Made in Egypt

– Height: 43cm

– Standard hose included

– Bowl and base grommets included

– Ceramic bowl included

– Matching bowl, hose, and base hues

– Charcoal tongs included



Numea Hookah

Established 25 years back in Egypt, the Aladin brand is a pionneer in the European hookah world. Aladin comprehended before everybody that in spite of the oriental look, hookah can interest well past the way of life it passes on.

Aladin hookahs have vanquished the world, and are appropriated in Europe, USA, South Africa, and even in Brasil! With an incredible incentive for cash, Aladin hookahs are effective, and safe items, that haven’t lost an ounce of their customary style.

Numea Hookah

The Numea model is the new result of the Aladin Origin product offering, which has the objective to speak to the world’s greatest urban areas. With a 43cm stature, the Numea has an aluminum stem and a classy pyramid and adjust molded base with ornements. The Numea likewise accompanies a plate, it truly has everything of an incredible!

The new Aladin Shisha Numea is a model of Aladin Origins arrangement.

The Numea model persuades with the basic, yet rich plan.

The new Aladin Origins arrangement offers quality enhancements that make smoking a hookah increasingly pleasant. The hookah has a treated steel segment, which makes the hookah a decent accomplice for quite a while. The Aladin Shisha glasses models are presently all created in Europe. This empowered an incredible improvement in the nature of the hues just as the divider thickness of the glass.

Model : Aladin Origins – Numea

Generally speaking stature : around 49 cm

Lenght of the hose : around 160 cm

Included extras :

1 Glass bottle with glass string

1 Smoke section with metal string

1 Tobacco bowl : Masta

2 Hose

1 Ash plate

1 Charcoal tongs

1 Complete arrangement of seals

Introduced picture shows how this water funnel may look like in full setting.

Since every hookah is made by hand, the thing may somewhat.


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