Mya Qt Hookah


Mya Qt Hookah


Mya QT Package Includes

Treated Steel stem with silver plate

Tallness: 14″

Treated steel downstem

Included Small Mya hookah base, bowl, hose, and grommets



Mya QT hookah is a smaller than expected wonder that surprises with its unparalleled compactness and toughness. Only a look guarantees you this is a Mya Saray unique hookah pipe. Try not to let the size moron you – this workhorse of a hookah is one of the most dependable you can purchase. This hookah comes total with a treated steel shaft, a perfectly cut glass base (additional thick, extra solid!), and a coordinating 6 foot engineered cowhide hose. The Mya hookah is accessible in an assortment of hued glass base models and incorporates a couple of tongs, elastic seals, plate, and cleaning brush to keep your hookah clean and hermetically sealed.

Mya Qt Hookah

“My first hookah” – “the smoke shop hookah” – “blessed poo all that smoke originated from that hookah”

This is the sort of hookah that you’ll most likely locate your preferred shading in with coordinating adornments. The smaller structure stands 10″ and it very well may be separated brisk and simple with a delicate untwist at the stringing.

The Myahookah additionally includes a special wire bushel, rather than the conventional cushioned conveying case, and holds the dismantled QT cozily for simple stockpiling or transport where bigger, bulkier hookahs can’t go.


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