Dual Color Multi Arm Recycler Rig

$130.00 $110.00


Dual Color Multi Arm Recycler Rig

$130.00 $110.00

Recycler Rig Features

– 8″ Height

– 14mm Female Joint

– Multiple Water Filtration Chambers

– Crafted from Scientific Glass

– Flared Mouthpiece

– Compact and Portable

– Several Air Channels

– Unique and Modern Design

– Available in Teal and Purple



Multi Arm Recycler Rig One of the best time and out of control bong structures meets sublime execution in the Dual Color Multi-Arm  Rig. At 8″ high, it’s too lightweight, minimized and compact, in addition to it makes for quick and simple cleaning and support. Different water chambers reuse the smoke more than once to channel and diffuse to flawlessness. Made into a choice structure with logical glass, the air channels take into account premium conveyance of smooth, perfect and chilly smoke.

Multi Arm Recycler Rig

The flared mouthpiece makes a tight seal to give a hearty hit. What’s more, the durable, thick base stage will keep it level and stable on any level surface. Get the most separated and reused smoke conceivable with the Dual Color Multi-Arm  Rig, accessible in blue-green and purple!


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