"Ming" Glass Water Pipe

$170.00 $150.00


“Ming” Glass Water Pipe

$170.00 $150.00

Premium white and dark borosilicate tubing

Fixed diffused downstem

Conventional Chinese print decals in blue and gold

14mm Female Joint

14mm Male Bowl

15” Inches Tall



“Ming” Glass Water  Pipe


“Ming” Glass Water Pipe

This staggering piece may resemble a bloom jar yet its a completely utilitarian bong! The Ming by China Glass includes a diffused downstem to cool your preferred smoke! The plan was propelled by the porcelain containers during China’s dynastic period and handblown by ace skilled workers from the Hebei region. The joint is 14mm female and accompanies a coordinating 14mm male bowl. This astounding piece causes a phenomenal day by day driver and it to can likewise be utilized as a jar to hold blossoms!


“A feathered creature doesn’t sing in light of the fact that it has an answer. It sings in light of the fact that it has a melody.”

– Chinese Proverb

The 15″ China Vase Glass Water Pipe highlights tough white boro glass with elaborate oriental impacts and decal workmanship and as 14mm Female joint. Coordinating glass round herb slide included.

The  “Ming” Dynasty Vase Water Pipe comes in three shading choices; dark with gold accents (made with REAL gold leaf!), dark with blue accents and white with blue accents.

Alter your bong with a herb slide update or wonderful debris catcher! Need to change over it to a wet touch rig? Look at cool bangers, nails, carb tops, reclaimers and other touch gear! Also, remember marvelous devices like lighters, herb processors, and even cool travel apparatus to move the gathering!

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