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Mango Kush Strain maryjane strain tastes like the real mango natural product, with a particular kush flavor and traces of pine on the breathe out. Its buds are secured with orange pistils and are depicted as exceptionally thick. The plant has a normal development stature of 4-5 feet. Blooming is 9-11 weeks and is a most loved with both indoor and open air cultivators. The buds have thick gleaming trichomes which are clear when the bud is broken separated. The smell and taste are the equivalent and portrayed as mango and banana. THC content has been matched 16% and CBD at 0.3%.

Mango Kush is a Hybrid weed strain. Because of its tropical natural product seasons and loosening up impacts, this strain is famous with clinical and recreational purchasers.

Mango Kush is a quieting however charming half and half. Incredible for more current customers, this strain has moderate THC levels and giggly impacts.

Mango Kush Strain

Mango Kush is a nice half breed known to move laugh fits. Ideal for fledgling weed customers, this Hybrid frequently has moderate THC levels of around 16%.

The specific heredity of this maryjane strain is obscure, however it is no doubt a hybrid of Mango and Hindu Kush. The solid Kush genealogy gives this strain Indica-strength.

Recreational pot shoppers will adore Mango Kush for its senseless, loose, and all around glad high. This is a quiet and smooth strain, ideal for a simple day with companions or family.

Some may find that this herb makes them somewhat more garrulous and amiable than expected, which is incredible for the individuals who experience social nervousness.

Qualities of Mango Kush and Mango Kush Seeds


The tropical sweetness is counterbalanced by some exemplary kush flavors. Experienced cannabis purchasers will see traces of pine on the breathe out.

Maryjane devotees will feel they’ve been whisked away to beachside heaven when they get a whiff of this strain. Like its flavors, mango smells merge with natural kush naturalness.

Thickly stuffed nugs are loaded with consumed orange pistils and finished off with a pleasant tidying of trichomes.

Health advantages of Mango Kush

While well known among recreational cannabis shoppers, this strain offers clinical patients alleviation from an assortment of manifestations.

Clinical maryjane customers have appraised this strain as great night alleviation for afflictions as genuine as malignant growth, HIV/AIDS, and bipolar issue

This strain may give light and glad impacts, yet the Indica right now amazing help with discomfort

It is likewise known to invigorate craving, which might be helpful for the individuals who battle holding nourishment down

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