Machine Gun Silicone Water Pipe

$80.00 $70.00


Machine Gun Silicone Water Pipe

$80.00 $70.00

One set including:

1*silicone channel

1*silicone downstem

1*glass bowl

1* titanium nail(10mm distance across)



Machine Gun Silicone Water Pipe “Make harmony, not war.” Why not both?

This piece is the genuine “conclusive evidence.” It’s a 10.75″/14mm female silicone waterpipe with a 14mm male glass herb slide that we swear you’ll adore – firearm to our heads!

It’ll overwhelm you as you victory separated full-bodied hits. Made out of platinum-restored nourishment grade silicone, it’s intense enough to assist you with holding fast and flexible enough to shoot constant rounds of fun.

DD1790 Machine Gun Silicone Water Pipe is a hard hitting 10.75″ tall water pipe. Highlights a 14mm female joint, a removable silicone diffused downstem, 14mm male glass bowl, and immaculate silicone body with an assault rifle configuration in arranged whirl hues. The stem separates from the base for simpler cleaning.


Particular of the thing:

* Material:100% nourishment grade silicone

* Height: 270mm/10.6inch

* Weight: 280 g

* Joint:14mm

* Color:random shading blended

Highlight :1 Flavorless and unscented therapeutic evaluation silicone

2 Folds to fit into the palm of your hand

3 Easy to clean/dishwasher safe

4 Cost compelling, versatile, tough, profoundly advantageous

5. Multifunctional :There are 2 uses for this item, either can be utilized as measuring utencil bong,

or then again can be utilized as nectar gatherer.

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