Juul Starter Kit


Our dispensable, snap-in JUULpods make it simple to tweak your experience while you find what works for you. No chaotic tops off—simply snap the JUULpod into the highest point of your gadget and puff.

We offer an assortment of JUULpods flavors, with certain flavors accessible in both 5% and 3% nicotine qualities.




juul starter kit

Juul starter kit cheapest From structure to innovation to enhance, JUUL is anything but difficult to use, as there are no catches or switches. The JUUL gadget is a vaporizer that has managed temperature control and uses a JUULpod loaded up with a restrictive e-fluid detailing that consolidates glycerol, propylene glycol, flavor, nicotine and benzoic corrosive. These characteristics are remarkable to JUUL and enable you to encounter opportunity from the wreckage of cigarette cinder and smell. By pleasing cigarette-like nicotine levels, JUUL gives fulfillment to satisfy the guidelines of grown-up smokers hoping to change from smoking cigarettes.

JUUL items must be bought and dispatched inside the UK

JUUL Starter Kit Key Features

Unit mod starter pack by JUUL

18mg/ml nicotine units

0.7ml nicotine salt e-fluid per unit

200mAh battery


USB charging

Record Gray

Measurements – 95mm x 15mm (counting unit)

Incorporates 4 x JUUL units (Glacier Mint, Golden Tobacco, Royal Creme and Mango Nectar)

Incorporates new and improved units

JUUL C1 now accessible

About the JUUL Starter Kit cheapest

The JUUL is seemingly the most famous vape pack on the planet, and is at long last accessible here in the UK!

The JUUL Starter Kit cheapest is ideal both for newcomers and progressively experienced vapers searching for a ultra-fulfilling, cigarette-style vape. Utilizing your JUUL gadget couldn’t be simpler: simply expel the shaded spread from your case, pop it into the highest point of the battery and breathe in on the mouthpiece. Dissimilar to other vape packs, with the JUUL there’s no compelling reason to stress over loop changes, topping off or tweaking settings; simply plug and vape!

JUUL cases contain 0.7ml nicotine salt e-fluid, which gives a smooth, fulfilling vape. Nicotine salts are ingested rapidly into the body, conveying a brisk and amazing hit of nicotine that intently looks like the experience of smoking a cigarette, without the brutality that can some of the time go with higher nicotine qualities. This makes the JUUL Starter Kit an incredible decision for previous smokers!

Controlled by a 200mAh battery, the JUUL Starter Kit is minimized, lightweight and splendidly pocket-sized. Charging your JUUL in a hurry is simple gratitude to its attractive USB charger; simply space your JUUL Kit into the charger and interface it to your USB port. The LED will heartbeat to demonstrate your gadget is charging. Your JUUL battery takes around 1 hour to charge completely.

It’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why the JUUL Starter Kit cheapest is so well known. Helpful, fulfilling and simple to utilize, the JUUL conveys a serene vape that packs a genuine punch. Get a pack today and find what the publicity is about.

JUUL Starter Kit cheapest Quick Start Guide

Expel your JUUL Starter Kit from its bundling.

Take the hued top off your picked JUUL case.

Snap the case into the highest point of your gadget.

Breathe in on the case’s mouthpiece to actuate the battery and start vaping.

JUUL Charging Instructions

Interface the base of your JUUL to the attractive charging dock.

Fitting the charger into your USB port. The LED will beat while the gadget is charging.

Tap the gadget twice to check battery life: a green light means your JUUL is completely energized. Your battery should take around an hour to charge completely.

JUUL and Nicotine Salts

JUUL Labs promoted the utilization of nic salts in the realm of vaping. JUUL cases contain salt-based nicotine, which contrasts from ordinary freebase nicotine in a few different ways:

Nic salts are consumed rapidly into the body, giving you a brisk, cigarette-style nicotine hit.

Salt-based nicotine is smoother to vape at higher nic qualities than freebase nicotine, so there’s no undesirable brutality.

This implies the JUUL gives a vape that intently takes after the experience of smoking a cigarette. With a nic quality of 18mg, JUUL cases convey a really fulfilling background.

What JUUL unit flavors are accessible in the UK?

Brilliant Tobacco: an exemplary tobacco season that is smooth, rich and legitimately smoky.

Icy mass Mint: fresh and cold mint for a refreshingly nippy vape.

Mango Nectar: sweet and delicious mango with suggestions of tropical organic product.

Imperial Creme: liberal cacao with a pinch of vanilla for a refined sweetness.

Snow capped Berry: a sweet, crisp berry season with an unpretentious mint connotation.

Apple Orchard: fresh green apple stacked with characteristic prepared notes


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