"Chandelier" Honeycomb Showerhead Recycler

$200.00 $185.00


“Chandelier” Honeycomb Showerhead Recycler

$200.00 $185.00


14″ Inches Tall

Crystal fixture Recycler Water Pipe

Showerhead Perc Central Chamber

Five Chambered Honeycomb Percs




“Chandelier” Honeycomb Showerhead Recycler

Our unique Chandelier piece was mainstream to such an extent that we revamped it twice as thick, greater and better!

This is really a stand-out piece that will look incredible on your smoking table and make every one of your companions desirous. This recycler water pipe looks great as well as capacities astounding also. This piece remains around 14″ tall and is produced using thick top notch borosilicate glass. The thick base guarantees a tough stance to help all the percs this water pipes offers. Your smoke will initially begin by being sifted through the showerhead percolator at the base before going into the five separate honeycomb perc chambers for 5x the dispersion. This all occurs before being reused into the pieces primary chamber to guarantee that each hit you take is smooth and tasty. This piece highlights green hued complements on the base and mouthpiece and incorporates a dry herb bowl, yet can without much of a stretch be utilized with concentrates by including a 14mm Male Concentrate Nail.

“Chandelier” Honeycomb Showerhead Recycler


Flared Lip Mouthpiece to Bent Neck Tubing

Thick Glass Construction

5″ Diameter Sturdy Base

Green Colored Glass Accents


Joint Size: 14mm Female

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