High Rise Glass Hookah

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High Rise Glass Hookah Pipe Description

The Vapor High Rise Glass Hookah gives an intriguing, splendid hued look with an unadulterated smoke you will just escape an all glass hookah. Pick between three interesting colorways with coordinating hoses to express your style! A wonderfully present day take a gander at a great glass hookah.

The blend of base logical materials and craftsmanship conveys the most perfect smoke conceivable by forestalling any material defiles from entering the smoke. There are no elastic parts or grommets or non-perpetual parts utilized in item development. All Vapor Glass Hookahs are intended for usefulness, solidness and convenience.

High Rise Glass Hookah

The Vapor High  Hookah is put away in a hard style conveying case that contains a security key lock for solace and protection.

Brand Vapor Glass Hookahs

Size 19″ Tall

Colors Green, Pink, Red

Glass Vase Yes – Entire Hookah Made Of Glass

Nation of Manufacture China

Included Accessories Glass Bowl/Stem/Down Tube, LED Hookah Lights Set, Plastic Hose, Carrying Case, Setup Instructions

Variety Warning Not Applicable


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