Helix Flare Base

$200.00 $180.00


Helix Flare Base

$200.00 $180.00


Stature 9″

60×5 Borosilicate Glass

Grav Labs Functionality

14mm Helix One-Hitter Bowl

14mm Helix Spinner



Helix Flare Base Bong


GRAV develops constantly new and fascinating approaches to get you bursted. They returned to the planning phase for their latest Helix Water Pipe line and made sharpened in mouthpieces that sit on splendidly offset body pieces each with a novel structure.

The confided in execution of a Helix Mouthpiece alongside the simplicity of an implicit downstem and fixed showerhead perc makes for a long, ultra-smooth, immaculate hit. The Helix One-Hitter bowl is the perfect sum for a solitary tear that preferences incredible through and through

Consistently, Grav Labs never stops to astound us. The  Base Bong by Grav Labs unquestionably expedites the wow factor! Simple plan and re-designed to flawlessly coordinate the style of the great Helix, The Base Bong by Grav Labs truly flaunts Grav Labs’ vigorous craftsmanship.

It is constantly agreeable to observe the natural Helix innovation – as should be obvious a torn made in the helix chamber. The little air openings along the edge of the Helix Flare Base Bong permits the smoke to turn and twirl, furnishing you with a satisfyingly smooth hit without fail.

Helix Flare Base

19mm Joint Clamp

Helix Swiss Downstem

Made in Texas

**Decal hues may change. **

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