GRAV Straight Base

$190.00 $175.00


GRAV Straight Base

$190.00 $175.00


Straight base for the Stax line

45x5mm glass

34mm joint

7 Inches

14mm male clear glass pipe bowl




GRAV Straight Base has Some portion of the Stax blend and match assortment, the Stax Straight Base comes furnished with an incredible Turbine perc. Turbine percs are cut in a calculated manner around the sides. As you pull, the water powers a twister to show up which making a hypnotizing whirlpool impact.

At 7″ tall, the Stax Straight Base with Turbine Perc by Grav Labs is produced using logical evaluation 45x5mm glass and highlights a 34mm joint to fit other fabulous Stax perc channels and mouthpieces set up. The filtration conceivable outcomes are perpetual!


The 12″ Grav® Straight Base bong is a genuine instrument. This thing will get you higher than you would ever envision.

Its straight 12-inch tube gives clients a gigantic measure of volume which can be topped off with a ton of smooth smoke. Beside that, you can likewise pack it with some ice to improve the nature of the hit.

GRAV Straight Base

The 14mm female stem is associated with two exceptionally durable joints to the cylinder. Alongside the base plate it gives an extremely vigorous sense given its size

You can arrange this bong on the web, in dark, white, blue, green, red, purple, yellow, orange, or engraving. The hits you’ll take from this 12-incher will be basically smooth and cool.

The percolator close to the base of the base ought to be secured with around 1-2 cm of water for the most extreme dispersion and flawless taste.

The 12″ GRAV® Straight Base bong goes for a sensible, and it accompanies a 14mm channel bowl.

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