Four Arm Waterfall Recycler

$150.00 $125.00


Four Arm Waterfall Recycler

$150.00 $125.00


Inline perc

Four arm cascade recycler

Ocean green glass

One of a kind plan

11 inches tall

14mm female joint

Profound bowl

High mouthpiece





Four Arm Waterfall Recycler Dab Rig offers an outwardly and practically amazing path for you to smoke your concentrates. Highlighting a lot of filtration highlights and an interesting ocean green shading, this recycler spot apparatus will stand apart as the crown gem of your assortment.

For smokers that acknowledge a lot of filtration, the Four Arm  Recycler Dab Rig conveys on each front. This recycler touch rig is intended to keep the smoke streaming for quite a while before it in the long run enters the piece. The intricate system of cylinders will cool the smoke to an agreeable temperature, and help you to relish the incredible taste of your concentrates. As smoke streams from the bowl through the joint, and into the fundamental office of the piece. Before it enters the water, it will go through the inline perc. This even winding installation is intended to have a cooling impact as the smoke goes through. After the smoke enters the focal chamber, it starts to course through the four arms of the recycler. When the smoke goes through these cylinders, it will stream to the highest point of the piece, and enter the smoker’s lungs.

Four Arm Waterfall Recycler Dab Rig

This flawlessly structured recycler spot apparatus will win its keep in any glass assortment. Situated over the spot rig, the mouthpiece is strategically placed and furthermore gives the bong an extraordinary look. The ocean green glass is a one of a kind touch that integrates the whole piece.

You can appreciate the two thinks and dry herbs with the Four Arm  Recycler Dab Rig. By embeddings a bowl as opposed to a touch nail, this piece will work as a standard water pipe.

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