Dual Wheel Recycler Rig

$100.00 $80.00


Dual Wheel Recycler Rig

$100.00 $80.00


7 inches tall

14mm female joint

Ocean green glass

Magnificent recycler plan

Strong base

High-caliber, strong glass

Round shape with two wheels

Red highlights on either side

Blue ball underneath mouthpiece

Joint and mouthpiece situated at an edge

Spot rig under $100

Ideal for smoking concentrates or dry herbs




Dual Wheel Recycler Rig sets magnificence and capacity, including a magnificent ocean green plan with cleaner hits that make for an extra-smooth smoking experience.

Recycler touch rigs are made for concentrate sweethearts to have the ideal smoking experience, and the Rock  Recycler Rig conveys. Likewise to a bong, recycler touch fixes completely channel smoke. Along these lines, as you breathe in, smoke will go through the piece and into the base. Prior to arriving at the mouthpiece, the smoke will be reused all through the piece, allowing for the air and water to evacuate the smoke’s cruel characteristics. This structure likewise keeps water from sprinkling up. The Rock Glass  permits you to smoke more accumulates at once, and is ideal for individuals who are as yet figuring out how to take a touch.

With regards to plan, the Rock  Rig is very noteworthy. The wonderful shade of the ocean green glass assists with giving it a characteristic look. Furthermore, the two wheels additionally make an interesting shape. The red glass includes on either side, and the blue ball on the mouthpiece make intriguing central focuses, as well.

Essentially intended for smoking concentrates, the Rock Glass Dual Wheel Recycler Rig can likewise be utilized for smoking dry herbs. Basically supplant the touch nail with a dry herb bowl, and appreciate!

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