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Donkey Butter




Donkey Butter of Jackass Butter by Exotic Genetix is a clear naming of a sharp phenotype. Made from a Grease Monkey mother and a Triple OG father, this strain comes stacked with noisy fuel-forward smells intermixed with a fragrant portion of timberland and earth. Jackass Butter is an overwhelming maker and communicates dull leaves with profound hues. This astounding bloom inclines toward sedation, gauging overwhelming on the appendages and loosening up the psyche. Its physical and mental bluntness can dull pressure, torment, and the aches of day by day living.

Besides, It is an uncommon indica prevailing crossover strain (70% indica/30% Sativa) made through intersection the great Grease Monkey X Triple OG strains. The name might be bizarre, yet this bud packs an overly appetizing sharp flavor. Likewise, lifted impacts that are ideal for any indica sweetheart. Jackass Butter has a zesty skunky enhance with traces of gritty pine and herbs as you breathe out. The fragrance is exceptionally substantial and sharp with a fiery diesel impact. That is highlighted by a rich skunk and spoiling pine. The Donkey Butter high has an euphoric generally speaking feel that is ideal for nights when you need to kick back and unwind. You’ll feel a loosening up lift at the beginning of the high. That fills you with light tingly vitality and a feeling of happiness. Likewise observe Private Reserve OG. Purchase moist vapes.

The terpene limonene is available in Donkey Butter which may be the reason its fragrance now and again makes your mouth salivate. Myrcene is additionally present, which is a terpene that has been found to loosen up muscles and help sedation.


THC levels will in general normal in the low 20’s with this one.

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