Crystal Ball to Tree Perc Recycler Bong

$180.00 $160.00


Crystal Ball to Tree Perc Recycler Bong

$180.00 $160.00

– Tree Percolator – Multiple Air Channels

– Flared and Cushioned Mouthpiece

– Sturdy Base Platform

– Available in Blue, White or Green



Crystal Ball perc Recycler Bong

What do you get when you join the diffusing accuracy of a precious stone ball perc with the filtration force and cooling of a tree perc? That would be the Crystal Ball to Tree  Recycler Bong, obviously! With an ideal 18″ stature and made from logical glass, this bong is an ace class in exactness and conveyance. Smoke goes through numerous air channels and encounters twofold the filtration and dissemination before going through the ice laying on the ice catcher, making a smooth, cold, perfect and rich hit inevitably.

Capacity meets style, as its effective, yet in addition created with a ultra-present day and chic plan. Pick between blue, white or green to choose the ideal expansion to your bong lineup.

Crystal Ball perc Recycler

Perc Bong Features

– 16″ Height

– 18mm Female Joint

– Ice Catcher

– Crystal Ball Percolator


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