Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 80% Sativa / 20% Indica THC: 12% – 22%
Chernobyl is a sativa dominant strain with a 20:80 indica/sativa ratio. Essentially, it is a cross between Trainwreck and Trinity, which is then pollinated with Jack the Ripper. The strain is available in the form of medium to small tight buds, which are green in color all the while being covered with trichomes with orange hairs. It has a potent smell to it with lime and citrus undertones making it a funky smelling strain, which is quite pleasing at the same time. As for the flavor, it is exquisite. It has a smooth deep taste that resembles its smell. You will get a nice citrus flavor during the inhale, but on the exhale, it has a dank taste to it. One of the best things about the strain is that its effects can last for over three hours. You will experience euphoria all the while feeling extremely energetic. The high will wash away any anxiety or stress is highly recommended for day time use. Moreover, smoking the strain has also shown to increase appetite which is perfect for individuals suffering anorexia. However, the strain is also known to benefit patients with migraines or headaches.



Chernobyl strain is all head high with a vaporous body unwinding. This strain gives an enduring cerebral sensation, which is nothing unexpected, when you think about its accurate ancestry. It is nothing unexpected it is to some degree an ecstatic crossover, and has become a supported daytime strain among recreational and clinical clients the same.

It’s amusing that this strain has such a substantial sounding name, since Chernobyl is a light-bodied sativa prevailing half and half that has just constructive outcomes to share. This cross breed is a force combo from the parentage of Trainwreck, Trinity and Jack the Ripper – an away from of what you can anticipate from this smoke.


Chernobyl strain

Amazingly intense, disintegrating only a modest quantity of Chernobyl is a certain method to quiet your nerves and get into a loosening up zone. Utilized by numerous clinical weed patients for its capacity to battle mental disarranges including discouragement, PTSD, ceaseless pressure, and even nervousness. Chernobyl is likewise used to help quiet side effects identified with tremors, nerve torment, and queasiness. You can proably thank the particularly solid Trainwreck hereditary qualities found in its genealogy for that.

I felt a perceptible buzz behind the eyes after only 2-3 hits from my most recent vape of decision, the Herbalizer Vaporizer. Common to most elevating Sativa-predominant strains, I discovered Chernobyl to have a 1-2 hour head-high followed by a smooth, tedious accident. Obviously, it relies upon your resistance, the amount you expend, how well your cut of Chernobyl is developed, and an assortment of different elements… so start with a little and let this intense strain creep up on you.

I’ve heard a ton about Chernobyl from other people yet never got the opportunity of attempting the strain myself as of recently. At the point when I saw that one of my preferred groups in California had the Chernobyl strain accessible (Buds and Roses LA) I realized I needed to perceive what all the whine was about. I went to meet the President of the aggregate, Aaron Justis, to get a voyage through their new office and take a sneak top at a portion of the new Veganic cannabis strains that are going to be discharged to MMJ patients dwelling in the valley.

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