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Bubblegum Kush




Bubblegum kush strain is an indica-predominant half and half. It was first reproduced in 1993 and creates amazing happiness in certain clients. It’s a 60/40 inclining indica, which means it has both of the impacts that a few people search for. The most significant thing to think about this strain is that the smell and flavor is exceptionally sweet, which a great deal of clients love. As referenced beforehand, this strain is presumably in 80% of Dutch coffeehouses. The main places it’s not accessible either have an alternate staple strain, or they’re upmarket ones that solitary sell the dankest of strains. On the off chance that you need to attempt this strain, the best spot to do so is either in Rotterdam or Amsterdam.


Bubblegum’s definite hereditary qualities are difficult to state. In any case, what is known is that this strain was first made in Indiana. It was then conveyed to TH Seeds, who took what was known as Indiana Bubblegum and made Bubblegum. This was TH Seeds’ first passage into their now very notable and substantially more various seedbank. Bubblegum is produced using:

Indiana bubblegum cannabis

Bubblegum kush strain

The normal indica-predominant cross breed has around 12.5% THC content. Bubblegum can now and again test at 19%, however the normal is 15.5%. When Bubblegum was first reproduced around 1993 it was viewed as solid, be that as it may, contrasted with the present progressively strong strains, it’s viewed as gentle to medium. At the point when it initially hit the scene, this strain would have been held up high for being staggeringly intense. Presently it’s despite everything utilized, except it’s viewed as substantially more of a therapeutic strain than a recreational strain.

the flavor of Bubblegum isn’t just its namesake, but at the same time it’s the explanation it’s so well known today. In the event that you removed the taste and basically left this indica-predominant cross breed to stand just with its belongings, the vast majority would pick another strain. Be that as it may, this sweet tasting strain compensates for what it needs strength, by leaving you with the accompanying preferences for your mouth:




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