Bruce Banner


Bruce Banner


Bruce Banner Hybrid, the one centered upon right now, has a THC content that regularly runs in the 25-29% imprint, making it most likely one of the most grounded cannabis strains that MarijuanaBreak has even expounded on.



Bruce Banner may be most popular as the modify sense of self of comic book legend The Incredible Hulk, however perhaps he wouldn’t be such a worried chunk of outrage on the off chance that he simply had a portion of his namesake strain. This green beast likewise has concealed quality and highlights thick nugs that pack the intensity of exceptionally high THC content. It’s an amazing strain whose impacts please rapidly and solid and afterward will in general sink into an euphoric and inventive buzz. Dull Horse Genetics reared this strain from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, and its legacy can be found in its diesel smell with sweet suggestions. Plants bloom at 8 to 10 weeks. This strain has three principle phenotypes, one of which is Bruce Banner #3.

Named a half breed strain, with a slight sativa strength at a 60% sativa and 40% indica proportion, Bruce Banner weed is intellectually invigorating while at the same time getting genuinely unwinding – a magnificent blend for the individuals who plan to remain careful, sharp, engaged and alert, all while disseminating any physical body torments and stresses they may have.

The guardians of this strong cannabis are the well known OG Kush cross breed and Strawberry Diesel half and half, the two mixed together creating a somewhat delicious combo that is similarly as agreeable for the body. The Bruce Banner strain is known to have three unmistakable phenotypes, and every one of them sneak up all of a sudden with robust THC substance.

Despite the fact that in all honesty, this form of Bruce Banner has a considerably increasingly powerful family member, with Bruce Banner #3 regularly introducing THC levels at 30% – which is quite damn awe-inspiring when you consider it.

Each of the three of these phenotypes cause stunning concentrates, to break, live sap, hash, and edibles, in light of the fact that these strategies for extraction just intensify the as of now vigorously present high prompting segment, making some madly ground-breaking treats for the individuals who need an enormous portion of medication, or have built up a high resistance to your normal cannabis reefer. Bruce Banner cannabis is certainly a one-hit loser on the grounds that only a puff of this great green stuff can make some genuine harm.

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