aladin mvp 370 Hookah

$90.00 $80.00


aladin mvp 370 Hookah

$90.00 $80.00

Extent of conveyance:

glass Bowl

segment of smoke

Base (Close Chamber)

Plunge tube including diffuser

hose connector

Hose association with 18.8mm cut

2-piece ground connector for plate/head

Delicate touch Silikonschauch

Aluminum mouthpiece



hose spring

coal tongs



Aladin MVP 370

The Aladin MVP 370 is a top notch V2A treated steel shisha which is painstakingly handled. The smoke segment and the hose connector are made of V2A and in this manner rustproof. A shut chamber framework is incorporated in the smoke segment, which permits you to effortlessly victory the old smoke. All associations are associated by means of an excellent 18/8 cut. Thus, seals on carbon plates and hose connectors are never again important. The plunge container of the MVP 370 has a movable and removable diffuser.

The hookah is provided with an exemplary earth head that can be supplanted with a smokestack head whenever required. In any case, you need a reasonable connection for this. Likewise included is a delicate touch hose with an enemy of crimp spring to keep the hose from wrinkling. An aluminum mouthpiece is likewise included.


The Aladin MVP HOOKAH 370 is an excellent hardened steel shisha. The 370 mm little MVP shisha is stunning in each regard and is perfect for removing as an open air shisha. The full impact makes the MVP a unique eye-catcher.

Aladin MVP 370

The Aladin HOOKAH MVP is extremely hearty and comprises of without rust V2A treated steel. The glass of the MVP Shisha comprises of powerful gem glass and the drenching tube has a coordinated diffuser that can be balanced as wanted. The diffuser permits the shisha to bubble quietly. With the Aladin MVP hookah, the head connector, the hose connectors and the hose associations have been set to a top notch 18.8 mm cut, which replaces the irritating hose seals that regularly don’t hold. It likewise has the bit of leeway that a 18.8mm cut molasse catcher can likewise be connected to the smoke section, which keeps the shisha clean from molasses running down. Up to 2 hoses can be joined.

The conclusion of the Aladin MVP is a 360 ° string that associates the bowl and the base with one another with a straightforward 360 ​​° turn. The Aladin MVP tempered steel hookah has the shut chamber framework, which implies that the old smoke gathered in the bowl can be effectively smothered. So no smoke stays in the bowl.

The shisha can be totally destroyed, which is perfect for intensive cleaning. The MVP hookah is provided in a total bundle, which implies that a delicate touch silicone hose with a mouthpiece just as a tobacco head and coal tongs are remembered for the extent of conveyance. With your preferred tobacco and coal close by, you can begin smoking immediately!




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