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Agent orange




Agent orange Strain of weed is a three path cross between Space Queen, Jack’s Cleaner and Orange Velvet Skunk that conveys its marvels inside only 55 and 65 days when developed inside. AO is a mixture blend of sativa and indica the grows exceptionally overwhelming buds, covered with white precious stones and bursting orange hairs. It smells like stinky cheddar blended in with a touch of diesel fuel and different flavors. The taste is moreover fiery, yet sweet and full. The buzz is trippy; blending sentiments of quieting body stones with enthusiastic mental clarity.

“An extraordinary strain for completing things, a stunning taste and scent.” – Brad420Brad

Agent orange Strain

Look at the Agent Orange maryjane strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what individuals needed to state about Agent Orange, and how Agent Orange influences different illnesses.

Try not to let the name alarm you! An even cross breed joining the smooth Orange Velvet with the strong Jack the Ripper,  while the colors of profound maroon and purple will make its buds hang out in an ocean of green. The impacts are frequently elevating and spurring, filling in as an extraordinary mind-set enhancer in the event that you are feeling torpid or discouraged.

Bio-chemical defoliants weed strain is a Sativa predominant maryjane half and half. The herb was brought to us by TGA Subcool Seeds. It conveys a solid punch combined with exceptionally euphoric, flanking hallucinogenic, cerebral high. Newbies know, Agent Orange weed is prescribed for experienced clients. With high portion, she advances separation from the real world, making you grin for a considerable length of time. Bio-chemical defoliants cannabis is useful for daytime restorative and recreational use because of invigorating properties.

Sort of High

Bio-chemical defoliants weed incites exceptionally solid, cerebral rapture combined with hallucinogenic impacts. Lifts vitality and imagination, advances chuckling and social movement. Eases pressure, elevates mind-set. Advances body deadness and great agony control.

Hereditary qualities

Otherwise known as: Agent O.

Genealogy: Orange Skunk and Jack Cleaner and Space Queen strains.

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